OCyT Indicadores de ciencia y tecnología 2013 - page 13

I would like to present, on behalf of the Colombian Observatory of Science and
Technology (OCyT for its name in Spanish), the 2013 edition of the annual report on
Science and Technology Indicators for Colombia which has been produced with the
support of Colciencias, through the Inter-American Development Bank program (IDB
2335/OC-CO), and the rest of the associates of the OCyT.
Following our usual sections, this edition includes indicators on investment in
science, technology and innovation (STI), education in science and technology,
national capabilities in science and technology, bibliographic production,
industrial property rights, innovation in the manufacturing industry, information
and communication technologies, and information about Colciencias programs.
Although the publication includes indicators for the period 2003 – 2012, data from
2000 can be accessed in the interactive version of this publication which is available
in our web page.
In this edition we also include three additional chapters, two of which are the result
from projects developed by the OCyT, funded by Colciencias in the development of
the IDB credit program as well. The chapters present indicators calculated with the
information collected through these projects, although they are specific exercises,
we are currently studying alternatives and possibilities to give continuity to this
The novelties for this year include: i) information of projects approved in 2012
and 2013 to be financed through the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund of
the general system of royalties; ii) main results from the Third National Survey on
Public Perception of Science and Technology (ENPPCyT for its name in Spanish); and
iii) results from the R&D survey to universities. Additionally, in response to Colciencias
request the chapter on capabilities includes a series of tables and graphs produced by
such entity, regarding research groups recognized by Colciencias in 2012. Therefore,
chapter 3 has two distinct sections. The first one provided entirely by Colciencias
includes indicators about research groups, their results and persons affiliated to
them, according to Colciencias´ ranking criteria. The second section corresponds to
indicators on research groups and researchers according to the activity criteria used
by the OCyT since 2004. While Colciencias ranking criteria results from a scientific
policy perspective on the minimum conditions that a group of persons must meet in
order to be recognized as a research group; activity criteria used by the OCyT aims
at a neutral measurement in which the engagement with the production of new
scientific knowledge is considered. The activity criteria considers only the behavior
of the observation unit (being either a research group or a researcher), therefore we
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